Lighting a room with a combination of strobes and HDR – how it was done

Here’s a look at the process of creating an image by combining strobe lights and bracketed exposure blending, or HDR. I┬ábegin with balancing the ambient light sources, then adding in strobe lights to highlight regions of the image, followed by bracketing multiple exposures to combine in an HDR process.

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FOOD – a photo project

I live on a rocky island in the North Atlantic; I get all my food from the grocery store; they get all their food from the mainland. Until the seas get a bit rough, then the ferry doesn’t run and the food doesn’t arrive. But I don’t really think about that, because there’s always been food at the grocery store.

Then I thought about it. About where our food comes from, the effort required by others to make that food versus the effort required by me to get that food, and the disconnect between the food we eat and where it’s made or sourced. And I began to think about people who buy all their food, like me, and about people who go out and get their own food. Looking at where our food comes from, how it gets here, what is made locally and by who, and how we get our food would all make a good photo project.

This is a photo project looking at where our food comes from and what it takes to get our food, from hunting, fishing, foraging, farming and gardening, to grocery stores and their sources, to commercially produced food. It’s now in the early stages, and is intended as a long-term project. We’ll see how it goes.


A quick note on the look of this site

This site is very much a work in progress. Ya, I know it’s not good to just put up a half-done site and keep making changes. I know it should be ready to launch and all looking good before it goes live. But here’s the thing – if I do that, this site will never happen. So this is what you get – a very rough website using a stock Word Press template that has some of my photos on it. Most of these photos were shot for Home & Cabin magazine, where I’m the editor and main photographer.

This site will change looks and things will come and go. Change is good.